Songhu Lab 3D-принтер филаментный экструдер «экспедиция» Филиппины

Модель: HB-ADC688

German customer n came to our factory for acceptance of 3D printing consumables extrusion testing machine, and customer n's factory is located in the Philippines.

German customer n came to our factory to accept the лабораторный 3D-принтер филаментный экструдер. Customer n's factory is located in the Philippines, accompanied by the customer's wife Ms. s (British nationality) and three operators. Сонгху conducted two-day operation training for the operators accompanying the customer according to the usual practice.

                                                                      (Candy introduced the principle of Songhu lab extrusion machine in detail)

                                                                               (The raw material used in this test is PLA + wood flour)

                                                                                             (Filament just coming out of the mold)

                                                                                                     (Digital centralized control panel)

Customer N was very satisfied with the acceptance results and gave a high evaluation to Сонгху. And decided to come again next month to discuss matters related to the purchase of industrial grade3D-принтерыfrom Yimai intelligent equipment under Songhu.

After the acceptance, the customer fully affirmed the Songhu Lab 3D-принтер филаментный экструдер!

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